Monday, June 3, 2013

Unnoticed help addiction

Have you noticed how used we get to household gadgets? Some quite usual machinery becomes unnoticed in everyday routine…
My dishwasher broke yesterday. So we had to eat last night in funny dishes and today it took me more than 30 mins to take them all out and wash them by hand. Besides, I had the problem with the free space where to dry them… My kitchen is not made for hand washing the dishes.
And what if the washing machine brakes down? It will take an hour to handwash them, then half dry them… Again, besides the time I will have the problems with other resource – where to put the clothes, how to dose the softener, etc. And do the nails after that.
And if the kettle brakes down? Using funny vessels to warm the water…
People get used to the facilitations provided by smaller and bigger domestic appliances and appreciate their help only when they brake down.
Like in the office – if the receptionist gets sick suddenly the whole office notices what she does.
Or, when the news section of your website does not work you have the most important news to post…

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