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Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you for the Boletus Risotto

Yesterday I went for lunch with my colleagues and besides the other things that we ordered we asked for Boletus Risotto to share all the three of us.
Actually I had fish and it was good. But the Risotto... was great! Even now, drinking my coffee, I can feel the smooth taste on my palate and smell the subtle aroma of the Boletus. It was creamy, it was delicate, it was savoury. It couldn't have been "just right", it was perfectly a fantastic risotto!
The place where we had it is just the closest place to eat to the office, with a pleasant garden, but nothing special. BUT they also serve the best tarator that I have eaten in Bulgaria and I would highly recommend their honey chicken and Diplomat salad.
Today I will go again and ask to meet the cook and thank. He or she must be one of those cooks who care about what they do. Without knowing me, he or she gave me a the great pleasure of the food prepared magnificently.
When was the last time that you had something so good that you want to move out of your way to thank for it? And tell others about it?