Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Excuse me, Fox, Columbia and etc. pictures

It’s the torrents. They have been bugging you so much. Downloading old movies at no price. But for this service I would gladly pay.
I have kids and no time to go to the movies. Don’t like television.
Please let me pay for downloading movies that I can watch at home.
At the moment I pay 30 BGN (15 Euro) for having Internet. I would also pay 10 BGN (5 Euros) for the pleasure of downloading movies that do not have a great value to you.
Do you think that selling the TV rights for a single airing earns you so much?
Nobody from my kind of jelly is fine with waiting for the TV airing. I am no competitor to this kind of industry – have not watched TV for 3 months, altogether 5-6 times in past year.
Why you don’t want to be friends? It seems as you are stuck in an old way and don't want to see that the technology changes our way to consume.

So, you give, I pay? Would you consider the option?

Here is another view on the topic:

source: on.net.mk