Thursday, January 28, 2010

The future

How would you like to accept the fact that you will live your life without falling in love?
I spoke to a friend this evening who claims that he does not need love, affection, understanding, sex and support. Because it just destracts him from his purpose - creating great value for the world.
- Don't you want to have someone to share your moments with, to know that there is someone who wants to wake up with you even when not doing it, to bring you tea when you are cold?..
- No, it is worthlessly spent time and energy, it is for weak people. But, Ive, let's face the facts - I am the future :) people like me are the future, like it or not ...
In short - are we all going there? Not needing another person? Having a brief review of my personal life, I actually strated having serious second thoughts - as wrong as he sounds, he just maybe, might be right...